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Channing Tatum - Boyfriend of the Week  #atozchallenge

Okay, before I get to the main "C" focus of this post, I have a quick other "C" to talk about. Today, I have a query and 10 page critique from me up for grabs at the Crits for Water charity campaign. This is a fabulous charity that provides clean water for those in the world who have trouble getting it. This is the second year I've participated and Kat Brauer does a terrific job getting fantastic prizes up for auction. So even if you don't want to bid on mine, there are other crits available as well.

And though I make no promises, I will say that the person who won my crit from last year ended up with a referral to my agent because I liked her pages so much. But even if a referral doesn't come out of it, you'll get a thorough, no holds barred crit from me. (I'm kind of a hardass on crits, but I deliver it with love, so don't be scared. ;)  )  Any romance subgenre or YA manuscript is eligible for the crit.

Alright, now on to today's main topic...smexiness.

For those of you who are regular followers of my blog, you already know what Tuesday is. : ) And don't worry, just because I'm doing the A to Z challenge this month doesn't mean I'm going to leave you mancandy-less. Because honestly, what a sad state of affairs that would be. :) So on Tuesdays, we're still having Boyfriend of the Week, but I'll make sure I find a boyfriend whose name works with the letter of the day.

And lucky, lucky us, today's theme is C so we get to enjoy Mr. Channing Tatum...

So are you as happy as I am that today's letter was "C"? :)

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