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NOT UNTIL YOU Cover Reveal & News!

I announced recently that the NOT UNTIL YOU e-serial was going to be released in a complete edition in November. Yay! But at that time, I wasn't able to tell you all of the news. So here it is. In addition to this being a complete edition, the PRINT version is going to have a bonus story in it!

I have been wanting to write the stories of a few side characters for a while now and didn't know exactly how I should go about getting those stories out in the world. But we've come up with a fun way to do it. In my next few print books, there will be a bonus story in the back about a previous character. 

Now, this is only for the print edition. I know many of you read on e-readers, so I'm sure you're asking the question--will the short stories be released in e-form? I don't have an answer for you at this point, but I imagine that eventually there may be an e-book bundling all the short stories together. For now, the print is going to be the special edition. And it will give those of you who've already read Not Until You in the serial form a little something extra. :) (And of course, you can still buy the complete e-version. It just won't have the short story in the back.)

So who is the first short story about? 

It's called "So Into You" and is about Bret--Foster's private investigator friend. If you've read Not Until You already, you'll know that Bret is a domme and she's kind of a badass. So this story is about her and her business partner at the PI agency. 

If you'd like to pre-order, you can grab it here: Barnes and Noble | Amazon


What do y'all think of the bright pink? : )




 Minuit à Paris blindfold

Photo courtesy MadEmoiselle Sugar (flickr cc)

Want to see the very first peek of what Jace, Evan, and Andre are up to in their upcoming novella, FOREVER STARTS TONIGHT?

There's a glimpse below.

And if you want to make sure you don't miss it in September, you can pre-order it now. (It won't charge you until the day of release and it guarantees you the lowest price.) Pre-order is available on Nook and Kindle.


Jace smoothed her skirt back down. And that’s when she got confirmation they weren’t staying here at all. There’d be no need for any extra layers.

She wet her lips. “Can I ask where we’re going?” 

“You can, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to answer you,” Jace said.


Jace laughed. “Our captive isn’t very polite.”

“That’s okay,” Andre said, close enough for his breath to tickle her cheek. “I don’t mind her putting up a fight. We both know who’s going to win.”

She shivered at the threat. Because she knew exactly who always won when she let go of her reservations and put her trust in these two—she did.

But it still didn’t make it easy to let go of her natural need for control. “Two days, guys, seriously. I love you and you know I’m usually game for anything, but two days is all I can afford to take off. I have—“

A hand pressed over her lips again. “Enough, bella. You’re ours. Neither of us is asking permission to be penciled in on your schedule. You’re coming with us for as long as we require.” 

Part of her still wanted to protest more about this not being a good time, that she had things to do, that maybe she wasn’t in the right headspace for this anyway. But the other part of her trusted that they had her best interests in mind. They probably were taking her for a night or two at The Ranch. Work could wait for a couple of days. And this would be way more fun. 

Because another highly effective way to chase away melancholy feelings was a whole different kind of To Do list—one where she only had to follow instructions, one where she surrendered it all, where everything else fell away and she could settle into the sweet refuge of submission to these men.

There the worries couldn’t touch her. 

At least for a little while.

She lowered her head. “When do we leave?”

“Now. Wyatt said the jet would be ready to go by noon.”

Her head snapped up. “Jet?”

Jace stepped around her and kissed her nose. “Welcome to your kidnapping, love. Hope you enjoy the flight.”


Whaddya think? Ready for more of these three? :-)


Book Addiction Admissions: What I Bought This Week

I know this will come as a shocking surprise to you, but I have a bit of a problem when it comes to controlling my book buying impulses. I regularly inform hubs that it's a cheaper habit than loving shoes, handbags, or plastic surgery so he should be thankful.

But I thought it'd been fun to occasionally let you know what I've been clicking buy on. I talk about what I read and love on Must Read Mondays, so this won't be about books I've read but about books I've bought and added to my TBR pile.

Here goes:

The Haunting Season by Michelle Muto

Why: Because it's a Daily Deal and I can't resist a sale or a creepy-sounding book


First Grave on the Right by Darynda Jones

 (Paranormal/Urban Fantasy)

Why: I've heard nothing but good things about this series. The first page hooked me. I met Darynda last year at RWA and she was lovely. And it was on sale.


The Submission Gift by Solace Ames

 (Erotic Romance)

Why: I think I saw this one reviewed somewhere, maybe RT magazine? And I love a story with a married couple because there aren't a lot out there in romancelandia. (Which is also why I wrote one with Still Into You)


Foreplay by Sophie Jordan

(New Adult)

Why: I went to Sophie's workshop at a conference this past weekend and then got to chat with her at dinner that night. I was intrigued by the premise of this one. 


Still Life With Strings by L.H. Cosway

Why: I liked her book Painted Faces and I saw a good review for this one on a book blog.


Control by Charlotte Stein

(Erotic Romance)

Why: I've been on a Charlotte Stein kick lately. 


Sweet Disorder by Rose Lerner

(Historical Romance)

Why: I saw a few book bloggers chatting about this one on Twitter and the blurb caught my eye.


Third Degree by Julie Cross

New Adult

Why: I heart Julie's writing. I got to read this one early for a cover quote but I bought it because I know it was tweaked afterward and I want to read the final version.


Write Your Novel From the Middle by James Scott Bell

(Writing Craft)

Why: I pretty much love everything James Scott Bell has to say about writing, so I needed this one, too.


So that's my haul for the week. What did you buy?



Hubs and Kermit - Why I Shouldn't Leave Them Alone Together



This weekend I had a book signing and a conference. Friday night at the signing, hubs and kidlet brought me over and were going to go see the Muppets movie while I did my thing. Kidlet brought along his Kermit doll. And that may have been a mistake because my husband plus a muppet plus a camera phone are a bad combination. This is what I got texted to me throughout the signing.

Here's me being, yanno, professional and stuff (well, mostly):

Thanks to author Angi Morgan for the pic!

Here's what is popping up on my phone:

Hitchiking on the escalator



Well, okay, he does date a pig.


So yeah. Poor Kermie.

What's the funniest photo on your phone? 


Master of the Island - download the FREE Prequel!

Today I have a special treat for you guys. I've been talking about Invitation to Eden this week (which, in my head, I'm now calling LOST with more sex and less polar bears), but now you get your first glimpse of the mysterious island and its Master. Lauren Hawkeye has the prequel for the series avaialble for free. I read it last night and it made me even more excited to get started writing my story for the series.

It will be up on the retailer sites soon if you prefer it in the format for your e-reader. But if you want to get a jump start, here's a PDF. 

About the Prequel: 

Master of the Island by Lauren Hawkeye- FREE PREQUEL (The Island, Prequel)

When his life takes a dark turn, billionaire Theodosius Vardalos purchases a deserted island in the Bermuda triangle. It’s accessible only by plane- the better, he thinks, to hide his scars from the rest of the world.
What Theo doesn’t know is that the island has an incredible secret, one that gives him hope… hope of future happiness, despite the horrible scars that make him a recluse. Hope to be had in the arms of a mysterious blonde he hasn’t yet met…

Click here to download your free book! Enjoy! And remember, the series will start releasing three complete novellas each month starting in April! (Mine wil be in August.)

Happy reading!

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