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Entries in boyfriend of the week (46)


Boyfriend of the Week: Ryan Reynolds

I'm back from my New Orleans vacation and just in time for Boyfriend of the Week. This week is an obvious choice, but who cares? :)

And am I the only one who remembers this guy from Nickelodeon's s show Fifteen from the early nineties? (I know my friend and TV junkie, Jamie Wesley, will remember.)



So what do you think? Any takers? Anyone else remember Fifteen?


Boyfriend of the Week: Anderson Cooper

It's that time of the week again. : ) Today I'm picking a guy I first saw on Channel 1 news when I was in middle school. Back then his hair was a little darker, but he's only gotten better with age. I think this is the first 40+ boyfriend I've featured on here.

No shirtless pics this week. But nothing is sexier than a guy with hard core smarts and an air of authority. : ) Say hello to Anderson Cooper.


Age: 44

Height: 5'10"

Trademark: Premature Gray hair with baby face



So any other Anderson fans out there? And am I the only one who remembers Channel 1? Wasn't Lisa Ling on their too? That school station really launched some news stars.


Boyfriend of the Week: Mark-Paul Gosselaar

Ah, Tuesday again. This week I'm breaking out another of my long-time crushes. I've had a thing for this Boyfriend of the Week since I was nine and he was haunting the halls of Bayside. I've seen every episode of Saved By the Bell more times than I'd care to admit and yes, I even watched the college years.

But unlike many child stars, Mark-Paul Gosselaar has continued to get parts through the years and is now playing a lawyer on the new TNT show Franklin & Bash. I've only gotten to see one episode so far, but seems like a fun show.

So let's bring on the clip. This is from a different show, but super hot. :)


So what do you think? Any other Saved by the Bell fans out there? Anyone watching Franklin and Bash? Hotter as a blond or brunnette? (I say brunnette all the way.)



Boyfriend of the Week: John Krasinski

Wow, is it that time of the week again? I think this last week fell into some vortex because I'm not sure I really got anything done.

But anyhoo, it's Boyfriend of the Week time!

Now, I know I post a lot of pics of guys here with the brick shithouse bodies--the 8-pack abs, arms that could crush the heads of small children, etc. And all of that is definitely fun to look at, but today I am sharing a boyfriend who has the two sexiest qualities a man can have--smarts and sense of humor.

Nothing is hotter to me than an intelligent guy with a sharp wit. And John Krasinki, who plays Jim Halpert onThe Office, seems to have both.

He graduated from Brown University as a playwright. So in addition to being good-looking and a great actor, he's a writer, too. Score. And I have to say, I can't think of many people who can convey so much with just a straight-on look into the camera. If you don't watch The Office, they do a lot of "documentary" interview segments in the show. So just the camera and the character. And John can literally look at the camera and make you laugh because you know exactly what his character is thinking without a word.

So without any more jabbering from me, here's John...


So what say you? Any John fans out there? And am I the only one who finds a bit of nerdiness sexy?


OH and if you didn't see it yesterday, I'm having a MEGA BOOK GIVEAWAY over on the writing blog to celebrate my two year blogging anniversary! Enter here.


Boyfriend of the Week: Mark Wahlberg

Okay, so this week's boyfriend of the week is an old favorite of mine. I've followed him since the early days when we just knew him as Marky Mark or the kid brother of Donnie from New Kids on the Block. I think I was one of the few people who actually bought his second album--and liked it. : )  

But of course, Mark has turned out all right. He's dropped the hip hop act, honed the muscles down from too bulky to yummy, and has turned out to be a stellar, A-list actor. Who saw that coming? And honestly, I could never resist a Boston accent (I think New Kids did that to me.)

So hope you enjoy this week's boyfriend!



And now a little clip from a guilty pleasure movie, FEAR, where I first saw Mark's acting and thought--huh, this could be a good move for him. Plus, the roller coaster scene was highly scandalous (and hot), especially for my 16-year old brain at the time. :)


So what do you think? How do you guys feel about Mr. Wahlberg? And did anybody else buy that second album? ;)

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