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Shameless Saturday: The Boys of my Pre-Teen Dreams

 Welcome back to Shameless Saturday where I come clean and air my guilty pleasures...

So you all know I have an appreciation for a good-looking celebrity--hence the boyfriend of the week posts and that whole romance writing gig I do. :) However, this is by no means a new obsession. Oh, no. When I was 13, my room was literally wall-papered (including the ceiling) with pages ripped out from the likes of Big Bopper and Teen Beat. (Much to my parents' chagrin. I think they're still trying to cover up the stains that sticky putty left on the walls.)

And it didn't end there. Me and my best friend, Tammi, also created this whole fictional world where we were each dating our respective crushes. Pretty normal, right? Um, well, is it also normal that we would write each other letters as if we were truly dating said crushes? Yeah, didn't think so. I'd like to think those elaborate letters detailing the scandalous (i.e. kissing and holding hands) exploits of me and my boyfriend Joe McIntyre (of New Kids on the Block) were the start of my romance writing career.

So I thought today I would honor those baby-faced boys who started me down this path. 

Welcome to the walls of my pre-teen bedroom...



So this was the exact poster I had on my wall and it was my FAVORITE. *sigh* How I loved him...

(He's still hot for the record--even if I grew up to be taller than him, lol.)



Jonathan Brandis was second only to Joe. I fell in lurve with him in that movie Ladybugs and then SeaQuest. However, looking at this picture makes me sad. Jonathan, unfortunately, struggled in his career once he became an adult and in 2003 took his own life. His friends said he'd been suffering from depression over his career. : (  R.I.P. Jonathan



Eddie Furlong in his Terminator 2 days. My first glimpse of how good a bad boy could be. :)



Elijah Wood pre-Lord of the Rings, though frankly, he doesn't look all that different now, lol.



And another New Kid because frankly, I was obsessed. (I still heart them.) And lemme tell you, Jordan has gone from cute to mega hot with age. I think he may make an appearance on Boyfriend of the Week one of these days.


Alright, so there they are--the boys who stole my little pre-teen heart. So, fess up, who was on your walls? 


Boyfriend of the Week: Alcide AKA Joe Manganiello

As most of you know, I'm a huge True Blood fan. And like many who have also read the books first, I am solidly on Team Eric (here is Alexander Skarsgard's Boyfriend of the Week post.)

However, even though I'm a sucker (ba-dum-bum) for the blond Viking vampire, the other hunky men on True Blood are definitely not lost on me. One of which is Joe Manganiello who plays Alicide--the show's resident werewolf.

I remember seeing Joe on One Tree Hill and thinking he was hot in that non-pretty-boy, rugged way, but I hadn't remembered him being so freaking muscular. And so I read up on him and found out that his bulking up was a very conscious decision so that he could adequately portray the larger-than-life character Charlaine Harris describes in the book. Here's a quote from an article about it:

"Vampires can get away with having very slight builds and the audience will still believe that they're super powerful," Joe tells PopWrap. "Werewolves are animals and in my mind they should be very muscular. Not an extra ounce of fat on them. Really ripped. I wanted people to look at Alcide and think, 'wow, he's a super strong animal.'"

Joe was also determined to make his incarnation of Alcide live up to the version author Charlaine Harris had created in "The Southern Vampire Mysteries" series. "Charlaine went into a lot of detail in the books about Alcide being giant. About having arms that look like boulders, like Sookie could do pull-ups on them," Joe says.

Read more:


And all I have to say is he was successful in his goal of making people think "wow." He's built like a brick shithouse now. And after multiple requests from you guys, has earned himself a spot on the Boyfriend of the Week. Enjoy!



 So what's the verdict, y'all? Did he succeed in creating the "wow" reaction? Any team Alicide people out there?



Boyfriend of the Week: Jensen Ackles (via Ashley Graham)

I am still recovering from RWA, so the fun and fabulous Ashley Graham has stopped by to share her Boyfriend of the Week with us. I'm thinking I need to turn over the boyfriend picking duties to my fellow writers more often. They are introducing me to some hawt boys.

So take it away, Ashley...

Ashley Graham's Boyfriend of the Week: Jensen Ackles

Matt Bomer is hot – I won't dare deny it – but this Texas boy's been revving up MY engine ever since I first spied him in an issue of Tiger Beat ten years ago (and promptly taped his picture to my wall):


If you've been watching Supernatural as long as I have, you know him as Dean Winchester, the oldest of the two brooding Winchester brothers. If you've ever watched Supernatural, you also know this: there's nothing sexier than watching this rugged, man's man occasionally shed a tear as he fights demons and angels, saves the world from the apocalypse, and strives to protect his little brother at all costs. Dean and Sam (Jared Padalecki) take the term “bromance” to a sizzling level – to the point you almost don't care there's not a lot of hooking up (or girls, period) on this show. (Okay, so there was this one time when Dean hooked up with an angel and Sam hooked up with a demon. In the same episode. And it was so. Flippin'. HOT. But still.)


Let's just suffice it to say, Jensen's one of the hottest TV actors around. He kicks imaginary ass. He has a smokin' body. And he's funny, too:

 *Embedding of this video was disabled on YouTube, but definitely click over. Super fun.--Roni*

Eye of the Tiger video

What do you say, girls? Would you take a ride from this hottie? 


Thanks, Ash! Now all of you go over to Twitter and follow @AshGraham and check out Ashley's blog as well.


Boyfriend of the Week: Matt Bomer (via Tiffany A. White)

Right now I am on a plane to NYC, so the wonderful Tiffany A. White has taken over Boyfriend of the Week duties this week. Let's all give her our thanks for selflessly giving her time to look through pictures of hunky men and share them with us. It's a tough job--I should know. ;)

And be sure to go check out Tiffany's blog the Ooo Factor where she features things that make her go "Ooo". Lots of great info on TV shows too. :)

Now on to Tiffany the her boyfriend...


Boyfriend of the Week: Matt Bomer

When Chuck first aired on television in 2007, I found myself a bit sad that Chuck’s nemesis and former college best friend didn’t have a larger recurring role.  I even thought the show had cast the characters all wrong, but what can you do?  Instead, I settled for whatever Bryce Larkin I could get. 

Then in 2009, I met Neal Caffrey on USA.  Turns out, the delicious actor who played Bryce had landed himself a starring role in White Collar.  That’s when I first learned my Boyfriend of the Week’s name: Matt Bomer.

Born in Spring, Texas (that actually explains a lot – Texan men are sexy; am I right ladies?), Matt knew from an early age that he wanted to be an actor.  I saw an interview once where he said that at eight years old, he picked up the phone book and started calling agents.  His parents thought he was crazy and told him to go play outside.  Thankfully, he never gave up on his dreams, and we have this beautiful man to look at each week on TV.

Age: 33

Height: 5’11 ½”

Distinguishable Feature: Those “Get-Lost-Inside-Me” Baby Blue Eyes



What do you think?  Would you settle for waking up next to Matt each morning?

If you like what you see, check out my Tele-Tuesday blog post featuring Matt’s show, White Collar.  


Boyfriend of the Week: Adam Levine

Ah, Tuesdays. Love Boyfriend of the Week day. Nothing like starting off your morning having to hunt through pictures of good-looking guys. 

So this week I'm going the musician route and selecting Adam Levine, lead singer of Maroon 5. Now, I'm not going to pretend I'm some die hard Maroon 5 fan like my friend Jamie Wesley. I like their music, but it wasn't something that was really on my radar.

But then I started watching The Voice. Adam is one of the judges along with former Boyfriend of the Week, Blake Shelton, and I really like Adam's sense of humor and approach on the show. Okay, it doesn't hurt that he's hot. But he also seems like he'd be a fun guy to hang out with.

Also, he looks a lot like how I picture my rockstar hero Lex in my manuscript, Wanderlust.

So here you go...

Age: 32

Height: 5'11

Distinguishing feature: Lick-able...tattoos*

(*my husband will give me sh*t over this one. I think he reads my BOTW posts only to relentlessly tease me.)



Video: Misery


So what say you? What do you think of this week's boyfriend?