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What People Are Saying...

"4 1/2 Stars! Steamy, occasionally shocking, and relentlessly intense...heart-wrenchiing and blisteringly sexy..." --RT Book Reviews magazine on FALL INTO YOU

"Loren writes delicious, dark, sensual prose..." --USA Today, Lea Franczak

"Hot and romantic, with an edge of suspense that will keep you entertained.” --Shayla Black, New York Times Bestselling author of SURRENDER TO ME

"Revved up and red-hot sexy, Roni Loren delivers a riveting romance!" --Lorelei James, NY Times Bestselling author of the ROUGH RIDERS series

“...a sexy, sizzling tale that is sure to have readers begging for more! I can’t wait for Roni Loren’s next tantalizing story!” –Jo Davis, author of I SPY A DARK OBSESSION and WHEN ALEX WAS BAD 

"★★★★★ TOP PICK! I can't adequately express how much I enjoyed this story...Ms. Loren was a new author to me but she's now on my automatic buy list." -Emma at Night Owl Reviews

"★★★★ After reading Loren’s book of bondage and love, readers will race out for their own handcuffs and whips." -RT Book Reviews magazine

"...a stunning first work. I read it straight through in one sitting, and I dare you to even attempt to put it down." - Cassandra Carr, author of TALK TO ME

"The novel that really convinced me I could be an erotic romance reader is Roni Loren's Crash Into You. Holy freakin’ hotness!...Crash Into You is the thinking woman’s erotic romance." -Katrina Latham at The Season

"Superbly well written and a stunning start to the series, I cannot wait to get my hands on Loren's next mouthwatering story." -Crystal at Reading Between the Wines

"This book is going on my reread shelf, on my favorite’s shelf, my author look-out shelf, and my to-read series shelf…if that didn’t sum it up than I don’t know what will. This is definitely a book that is a must read!" -Charity at Nocturne Romance Reads

"Watch out. Roni Loren, just like the men in her books, knows how to keep you up all night. Crash Into You is sexy as hell and goes into the dark places other writers shy away from. I can sum this book up in one word-Damn!" -Tiffany Reisz, Author of THE SIREN and SEVEN-DAY LOAN

"This steamy, sexy, yet emotionally gripping story has the right touch of humor and love to keep readers coming back for a second round." --Julie Cross, author of TEMPEST (Jan. 2012)

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Welcome to The Ranch...

Photo by Dominic Alves

Tucked away in the rolling expanse of land outside of Dallas is a place where you can relax, unwind, and have all your secret fantasies come true. Whether your tastes are on the vanilla side or the decidely un-vanilla, The Ranch can accomodate you.

Just remember...the safeword is Texas, and I don't tolerate anyone breaking my house rules.

Hope you enjoy your visit. 

--Grant Waters, Owner and Operator



Prefer to live out your fantasies in private? Rent one of our secluded cabins which are equipped with full kitchens, hot tubs, and every tool a creative Dom/Domme could need. But remember, only stay in a cabin with someone you trust. Unlike the play areas in the main house, cabins are not video monitored. Play at your own risk.

Photo by Patrick Bell


Need a respite during the daylight hours? Or maybe a place to steal away for a little outdoor play? Take a walk through the Waters Edge vineyards or go for a horseback ride along the lake. Our grounds are secure, so feel free to have a little fun with your partner(s) if the mood strikes. 

Photo by Bela Hausmann


At night, the resort truly comes to life. Stop by the main house for three floors of rentable fantasy rooms, a dance club, public playrooms, and all the larger equipment you could want. Have a scene with your partner, join in with others, or simply sit back and enjoy the view. Your secrets stay behind these doors.


Photo by me


So stop by for a visit, take a few training classes, and if you need any questions answered, feel free to reach out to one of our regulars... (Click for bigger photos. *Photos purchased from Big Stock. Please do not repost.)


Grant Waters | Looks like: Blake Shelton


Reid Jamison | Looks like: Matt Bomer



Jace Austin | Looks like: model Andy Speer (click for pics, but warning, some NSFW)



Andre Medina | Looks like: 



Ian Foster | Looks like: Ian Somerhalder



Colby Wilkes | Looks like: Joe Manganiello



KadeKade Vandergriff (Master Van) | Looks like: Alexander Skarsgard



Wyatt Austin | Looks like: Henry Cavill with glasses 



Pike | Looks like: Awesome


Want to hear some of the songs you could hear playing at The Ranch? Check out The Loving on the Edge playlists. 


Well, duh, disclaimers:

*Obviously these pics are just inspiration and are in no way saying anything about the actors/models or places in the photos. :)

**Photos are not of the actual Ranch because it only exists in my books. Unfortunately. ;)